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I'm now including Super 8 video Coverage as an a la carte item for my wedding and brand clients.

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Super 8 video is a vintage 8 mm analogue film that I capture on a Canon 310XL – an original 1970's era silent motion picture camera.

First launched in 1965 by Kodak, it quickly became a beloved home movie format – these days it's an increasingly popular premium film medium to document weddings, elopements and creative projects.

Super 8 Video

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What's the delivery timeline for a super 8 film?


The film is shipped to a specialty Super 8 processing lab in California within two weeks of completing the project. They typically take 1 - 3 weeks to process film at which point a raw cut of the footage is sent back to me. I then recut the footage into shorts or a trailer and remove any sections that missed focus or feel awkward. The footage (and gallery if applicable) typically arrives within 4 - 8 week timeframe depending on the project. Depending on the length of the film, some Super 8 footage takes up to 16 weeks partly due to the processing time at the lab and needs around post processing. The average length of my Super 8 coverage is either 2 - 3 minutes; up to 12 minutes of footage is available. If you'd like a longer project please discuss.

What Are the technical specs of the film you're shooting?


Technically speaking, all footage is shot at a 4:3 aspect ratio on Daylight or Tungsten balanced Colour negative film at 24 frames per second. Each cartridge contains 50 ft. of film (around 3 minutes total watch time when shot at 24 frames per second). I typically use colour cartridges rated for 50Daylight, 200Tungsten light or higher depending on the lighting conditions. I find these stocks expose fairly well in a diversity of lighting conditions.

Super 8 cameras are silent motion picture devices. Often the footage is edited to music or sound recordings in post production. If you'd like to learn more about this classic motion picture stock check out these slides by Imperfect Cinema.

Digital footage is provided in the form of a high resolution scan and .mp4 file upon delivery unless discussed. The lab typically recycles the film cartridges so please give me a heads up if you ever wanted to keep them to stream on an old school 8 mm projector. Due to the resolution of the film stock, scanning at 4k or 8k doesn't yield more detail in my opinion.

How do you ensure the quality of the footage and vintage film stock?


Questions? Of course you do! Please explore the following to learn morE about the novelty of Super 8 and my work process.

I try to be cautious to store all of my 35 mm and 8 mm film carefully in a cool place (aka my fridge) and use within 6 months of purchase. When your 8 mm footage arrives expect to see dust, grain, rough edges and framing, and soft resolution – this is normal and within the character of the film stock. Each scene is filmed in short 2 - 5 second clips – the digital file is then lightly processed and recut to improve the narrative or remove an awkward or out of focus moment. I often typically shoot handheld with a 30% image stabilization added in post. Typically 75 - 90% of each cartage is deliverable when shooting documentary style unless we're intentionally doing multiple takes of a scene.

Speaking of Imperfect Cinema – this film medium can be sensitive to work since it records directly to a single film strip on a vintage camera and not to two digital cards with which is why I offer a full refund if there is an issue with the film turning out. I offer a range of coverage lengths around the 3, 6, 9, and 12 minute range.


How do you capture moments on Super 8 while also shooting photography?

Glad you asked – this is an important point of clarification. When I'm shooting lead photography and secondary Super 8, the main highlights of the day will be shot on digital photography stills (such as the first look reactions, and first kiss for weddings), while the Super 8 will focus on the special in between moments, the details, and the energy of what we're capturing. It's my preference to choose a part of the day that has a slower pace to focus the Super 8 footage on so that attention and care can be given to transitioning between each scene, while also giving equal attention to stills coverage.

If you're wanting a full documentary film with recorded audio, I'd need to refer you to a dedicated videographer. I can only shoot so many moments, on so many cameras, at once!

When I'm second shooting and offering Super 8, I'm more able to focus on the big moments, and let the lead photographer capture them on stills. I work closely with the lead photographer and their clients to map out the most important parts of the day to capture and build into a narrative. I like shooting in a way that has the footage flowing from one moment to the next, so focusing in on certain parts of the day can help the story and footage feel cohesive.


What are the next steps to booking?

If you have a lead photographer already booked, please get in touch with them to ask if they're open with having me as a second shooter who will also capture video. If you're seeking a photographer as well at this stage – amazing, Super 8 can be included as an add on for your quote and we can discuss this during our consultation.

Head over to my contact page and share some details about what you're seeking. We'll then proceed with a consultation (if applicable) or quote. Your quote will include a questionnaire to gather the details I need to produce a Super 8 film, as well as my pricing for films that range from 2 - 12 minutes. A retainer and contract is required to secure your date.

Super 8 video is a new film service that I'm offering to my clients. For 2024, Super 8 video coverage ranging from 2 - 12 minutes is available as an add on to all:

– Wedding + Elopement Collections

– Branding Projects

– Second Shooting (4+ hours)

I adore second and associate shooting alongside my incredibly talented peers in the wedding industry. Super 8, along with 35 mm film photography, is now available as an add on. I Typically make select Saturday dates available 3 months in advance, and limited Sunday dates available 4 months in advance. Please reach out to discuss.

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