My Workflow as a Couple and Engagement Photographer

It’s all about preserving your sparkle.

Lifestyle focused couple photography, in the Pacific Northwest, has truly, endless inspiration. In the summer, the lakes and rivers are prime for a swim and float, it’s bright and balmy after a long work day, outdoor rock climbing and sailing is in full swing, and cycling with your boo to scout new patios is forever something to look forward to.

The late sunset time in the summer also makes May - October my my favourite for weekday photo sessions that celebrate what you love to do together.

There are three types of sessions that I provide couples seeking to celebrate their love or engagement on Vancouver Island and beyond.

In my opinion, as a couple and engagement photographer based in Victoria BC, getting the best images depends on a few factors - preparation, comfort, styling, lighting, chemistry and fun. Before your session (aka photoshoot), whether it’s indoors or out, here are some preparation tips for you and your partner.

Get on the same page.

It's important that both partners are familiar with the photographer's portfolio and style so that there's no surprises when the edits arrive. While one partner might like bright or colourful photos, the other might like moody and dramatic images. If it's an important shoot I highly recommend edits that are timeless, and true to life so that the imagery doesn't age. In my opinion, the looks of classic film stocks with soft tones and mild grain will always be in style. My couples portfolio is available here.

Rest, restore and hydrate.

Try to get plenty of rest and water in the days leading up to your couple or engagement session, this will help your skin and expression look fresh.

Location appropriate footwear.

If we’re walking or hiking to somewhere scenic, please make sure that your footwear is suitable for the terrain and weather conditions.

Neutral wardrobe.

If you're wanting a timeless look, you can't go wrong with well fitting neutral, denim or earth toned outfits that feel like you. Outfits with a lot of texture are great, while bold patterns can date themselves (however, I'm a big fan of sequins and sparkle). If needed, please make sure these outfits are clean pressed, steamed, or tossed in the dryer before you arrive and that they harmonize with your partner's outfit.

Hair and styling.

If you have long hair, I highly recommend getting a blow out or using a flyaway cream when styling your hair. I personally love taking photos of hands, so arriving with clean finger nails is also important.

Seasonal comfort.

Please pack layers. Comfort during your couple or engagement session is incredibly important; when you’re comfortable your photos radiate that and that’s a key emotion we’re trying to capture during this session. If there's rain in the forecast, I have two clear umbrellas I typically bring to sessions.


Try to plan your route and arrive early to the location so that you don’t feel rushed by traffic, or pressed for time. As a natural light photographer session punctuality is vital to achieve the best outcome. While I do use studio lighting and flash, there are certain times of day where the sunlight is best to achieve the look I've based my couple and engagement photography portfolio around. Most of my sessions are planned 60 - 90 minutes before sunset for that reason.


Music is an important part of the experience and I always come equipped with a Spotify playlist. If you have a favourite band or playlist or album, please send it my way. While I have a couple fun playlists, I always think sessions are best when you tune into the music and energy that you both love.


Please keep in touch if you have any questions, and let your photographer know well in advance if there are any delays to your session.

I currently offer 3 types of sessions as a couple and engagement photographer.


This newer session I'm offering is for couples seeking emotive imagery that captures their deep and authentic connection.

In this photo session, meets guided bonding exercise, we pick a scenic and quiet location with incredible lighting, play some music, and begin each song with a prompt which you wordlessly explore the answer to through emotive and interpretive expression.

What does this look like?

Essentially – it’s a low key interpretive dance and guided reflection on the loving and emotional landscape of your relationship. Instead of posing, or rocking cheesy prompts (aka no “drunk walks” here) we’re capturing candid movement and real emotion shared between you both – expect to trace shoulders, pet cheeks, finger tips, and collar bones which lead to complete fits of laughter and surprise reactions to questions such as:  “What does it feel like when you two at your best?” Expect to come away from this session with some serious feels and a desire discuss all that transpired.

Intrigued? I certainly am. After taking a page from renowned couple and engagement photographer Gabe McClintock, I can’t wait to bring this experience to more couples on Vancouver Island and the mainland.


These activity focused lifestyle sessions focus on capturing the energy you share when you’re doing something you love together.

For example – are you welcoming a new pet to your family? Setting up a new apartment? In a new City? Surprise proposal?! Going sailing!? Bike ride!? Date night!? Surfing?! Bowling!? Movie night? Cooking? Whatever it is that you both love to do together, let's get this energy documented.

For this session, you come as you are, plan an activity, and let’s capture the energy you both radiate bonding over the things you love the most. If this is your vibe, then we’re going to have a great time. Required: you and your boo in your favourite pair of jeans - pets are encouraged and welcome as well. Whether this is for a special occasion (like an engagement or anniversary), or simply because you’d like to upgrade all the iphone photos you have together, or finally get some wall art and prints, these sessions are a wonderful way to capture your sparkle. 


Each of the sessions above can be spiced up by adding some low key boudoir – a combination of sexy outfit styling and posing. These steamy sessions are for the bold babes and passionate couples that want to empower themselves while documenting their authentic spark in an intimate and private session. If you love the idea of a more intimate session but don't have an ideal spot, an Airbnb or lifestyle studio is another great option. This session is great for anyone who wants to preserve their sparkle in a tasteful and artistic way for years to come.

Fyi, these sessions doesn’t involve erotica or toys (sorry folks). If you want more couples boudoir inspo, check out the stunning intimate work of wedding, couple and engagement photographer Chuy Photo (Los Angeles).

Are you in the market for a Victoria or Vancouver based proposal, wedding or elopement photographer? Then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Some of my wedding photography packages include one of the above sessions! Please mention if you’re interested in a quote that includes both a proposal and couple session, and/or the option to add on wedding photography.

Keep an eye on my socials @believe.boudoir and @kate.tutty.creative for details on session availability and upcoming model calls – couples, wedding, brand work and boudoir work is my primary focus. I typically book couple sessions Mondays - Fridays.

To see more of my couples work, check out my couple portfolio.

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